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Center Place Square's Off
National Contemporary Competition & Exhibition
Entry Deadline October 27, 2017
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Lolo by Charles Stierten
1st Place



Crow by Beth Smedley
Minette Webster Memorial Award



Anna Maria II by
Karen Marcos
Honorable Mention







Betty by Kathy Durdin
2nd Place



3 Egrets by Randy Matthews
Honorable Mention



  Judge's Statement by
Phyllis Duggar Alexandroff

This exhibition offers a good variety of methods, techniques and concepts, making it a challenge to select the winners.  Several pieces are also worthy of an award.  As an overview, the level of quality is high, providing insight for the beginning artist as well as the general public to view, various levels of artistry.




  White Egret Prowl by Donna Morrison






Alpine Spring by
Anne Drewry
Honorable Mention







 Islands by
James McCarthy
Honorable Mention





Center Place Square's Off 2017 National Contemporary 
Competition & Exhibition Winning Artists