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  CONGRATULATIONS ! To Our 2020 Winners of the Pat Odiorne Scholarship:

Audra Nikolajski &
Kate Ohme














Judge's Choice

by Ryan Paul Martinez

1st Place 2D                 1st Place Photography                  1st Place 3D
         "Raxtus"                             "Twilight Tree"                "Sun on the Horizon"
  by Orya Evers                        by Abby Patton                  by Jennifer Ibarra

2nd Place 2D                    2nd Place Photography                  2nd Place 3D
  "Best Friend"                       "Cinque Terre"                        "The Spiral"
  by Isabel Baudrit                 by Serenity Adams                  by JuliaSiever

3rd Place 2D                    3rd Place Photography                  3rd Place 3D
"Tension"                         "Water Bubbles"                           "Retro"
by Meghna Nandam            by Evan Vongdachan             by Dominik Moreno

Honorable Mention              
Honorable Mention         
                    "Untitled"                          "Chaotic Flow"                       
                 by Ava Van Nuil                  by Elvia Pascual-Morales           


THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED in our 2020 "Square's Off"
National Art Show and Congratulations to the award winners!


Best of Show
Derry Macdonald

         1st Place                                         2nd Place                                       3rd Place         
         James McCarthy                             Candace Knapp                              John Guiseppi            


Honorable Mention     Honorable Mention
      Yuka Ikebuchi        Anna Elvira Rodriguez